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Stop, Look & Paws is an interactive dog body language learning activity that is a fun way to learn dog/child safety. Whether the children in your life own a dog or just comes into in contact with dogs, Stop, Look & Paws is a valuable resource for any family. (That is because over half of the nearly 5 million annual dog bites are to children. Research shows a key contributing factor is children not understanding dog body language.)

Easy to use instructions for this dog sorting activity will get you started quickly and give guidance on questions to ask your child along the way.

The guide provides valuable background information on each dog image, with perspective on if a dog is “Safe to Pet” or “Not Safe to Pet.”

These 12 reusable vinyl dog stickers represent a variety of everyday situations and emotional states of dogs. Children will have the opportunity to view each sticker and learn about dogs that may be safe or not safe to pet.

A variety of techniques to try, things to know and misconceptions are listed to further help educate yourself and your child about interacting with dogs.

The activity board is designed with two sides for children to sort the included dog stickers. One side is “Safe to Pet” and the other “Not Safe to Pet”. As an added bonus, the border has 4 different shapes if children want to add to the fun by finding and counting the number of hearts, bones, tennis balls and paw prints!


Stop, Look & Paws Learning Activity Kit $11.95 ea

Stop, Look & Paws Learning Activity 10 or More at $9.95 ea

If you are interested in donating 20 or more Stop, Look & Paws sets to a school or rescue organization, please contact me for special discount donation pricing.

View the video to see how the Stop, Look & Paws Learning Activity is used to educate you and your child about dogs and their body language.

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