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Dog Bite Warning Signs

Often dog bites occur because no one noticed and acted on the early warning signs given by the dog. My clients usually say, “He didn’t give us any warning…he just bit.” What is more likely is that the signals that the dog was giving were not recognized.

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Do dogs perceive children differently than adults

Do Dogs Perceive Children Differently Than Adults?

Dogs like predictable and reliable actions and behaviors to make them feel safe and secure in their world. Children exhibit certain characteristics that can lead a dog to ignore commands. Read to learn why this happens and how you may be able to avoid making the same mistakes!

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About Kids-n-K9s

As a former elementary school teacher and now current dog trainer, I have seen the results of dog bites to children.

I developed Stop, Look and Paws as one tool that can start the process of understanding some basic canine body language and thereby prevent dog bites.

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