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Playing hide and seek with your dog and child

Teaching Your Dog Hide and Seek!

Playing Hide and Seek with your dog and child is fun for all. Initially, you will need to guide and participate, but after a couple of times playing, your child may be able to do this without your help.

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Should Young Children Go to Dog Parks?

I recently heard a very surprising story from a friend after a trip to a local dog park. Read to learn facts that you may not already know about your dog park before you consider taking your child along with your dog.

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Babies and Dogs- Part 3 – The Meet and Greet

When your dog is meeting a baby for the first time it is important that this greeting goes smoothly. Find out tips that you can do to be prepared and make this a successful and happy encounter. This is part 3 of a 4 part series about babies and dogs.

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About Kids-n-K9s

As a former elementary school teacher and now current dog trainer, I have seen the results of dog bites to children.

I developed Stop, Look and Paws as one tool that can start the process of understanding some basic canine body language and thereby prevent dog bites.

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