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Family Dog Magazine Recognizes Stop, Look & Paws

AKC-Family-Dog-Hero-Nov-Dec-2018 cover
Dogs Have Been Proven to Teach Children Empathy, Promote Responsibility and Even Improve Cognitive Skills. When Children Aren't Properly Educated About Dog Safety, They Can Be Victim to Bites

In American Kennel Clubs (AKC), Family Dog Magazine has a Kids Issue which comes out annually every November/December.  AKC heard about Kids-n-K9s and that we are now a non profit organization trying to help reduce the number of dog bites to children.  Stop, Look & Paws was recognized as a valuable tool for adults and children to learn together about dog body language.  Click the link  to view the entire magazine about dogs and kids.  Enjoy!


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About Kids-n-K9s

As a former elementary school teacher and now current dog trainer, I have seen the results of dog bites to children.

I developed Stop, Look and Paws as one tool that can start the process of understanding some basic canine body language and thereby prevent dog bites.

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